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Are You Intimidated By A One Eyed Lion…..?

Posted on: July 26, 2010

The fearless beast of the jungle!  Arrrgggh, he roars tearing through the wilderness with authority! Commanding attention and dispelling all elements of fear! In the midst of the other animals, the lion distinguished himself apart! How could it be difficult when there was no other animal in sight as a result of the reputation that had preceded him? Ferocious,inhuman,terrorizing, cunning,witty,fearless,gigantic….how could one even think of being present with an animal that has that many violent adjectives? The big secret though, the biggest secret that no one else knew was that besides being humble, the lion could only see from one eye….! As a cub, this lion had lost his 20/20 vision through an accident and was blessed to be alive! This feared beast had used this handicap to his advantage!  The Lion used the principle of Over Compensation WHICH STATES THAT:-

Whatever skill you feel you lack, you have been over compensated in another complementary skill that you need

The one eyed lion used intuition,skill and reflexes to outsmart his competition! We have all heard of miracles happening! A one legged golfer, a blind pianist, a feet less athlete and so on…..These people are over compensated and gifted in some other talent! They have learned to use their handicap to conquer their disability! There is nothing that you lack internally or externally to stop you from accomplishing whatever it is you may desire to! You are a child of God! You were created in the image and likeness of the heavenly father! The least you can do is acknowledge that!

To start you Monday right, ask yourself this question, what would you do if  you were___(pick any from the list below)______?

  1. A One legged man/woman
  2. A blind man/woman
  3. A feet less man/woman
  4. A One eyed lion
  5. A finless fish
  6. A one legged tortoise
  7. A one handed Chef

Enjoy your Monday!

Lee Kariuki


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