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How To Breakdance And Whistle When You See A Bill……

Posted on: July 23, 2010

There are only two things you can do:-

  1. Pay it
  2. Make arrangements to pay it…
  3. Go peel potatoes( Why would you order for a meal you can’t pay for!)

If you could do alternative (1.) you would break dance upon opening the bill because you have the resources, unless you feel you are not getting the expected value or utility which would force you to eliminate the bill, the service or the product entirely!

Otherwise, you would have to take alternative (2.) which wouldn’t stop you from breakdancing and will show “intent” to pay! So even if you concentrate on worrying about paying for the bill, doesn’t mean the bill will get paid!

For option (3.) you need to peel potatoes so that you can remember next time to stick to your budget!

The Mindset

Most people right now are facing some kind of jam as a result of this economic recession! Scaling down, practicing frugality, down sizing and the list is endless! Problem is during “bad” times too many people worry about what they have no control over rather than what they do! Growing up,(some say i’m still a baby!Ha) there was this swahili saying “Maziwa yaliyomwagika hayazoleki”  (Spilt milk is hard to collect) and the meaning behind it is that there is no use to cry and whine over situations that you have no control over! Maybe you could get a clean kitchen rag collect the milk and ring it over the same glass, but that action wouldn’t make you cry! It would make you an action oriented person! Some situations are thrown at us so that we can learn a lesson or test or agility but never to keep us from doing what we love to do which is breakdancing!

Anyway,people understand that yes there are external factors that could steer or even affect the outcome of every situation but what matters the most is not the external factors per say but more important ,your  internal core agility and intentions! Say for example:-

You are driving to work and you turn on the radio and they say there is a storm and heavy rain and a couple of accidents as a result of the rain! Would these factors stop you from driving to work? Unless they are extremely extremely unbearable, most people would still keep on driving until they got to their destination! Would you stop doing and living your plan because there is a recession or Jim failed at his business? No! You would still do what it is you love to do! So why now are bills bugging you? Pay what you can and the ones you can’t, call them up and let them know whats going on! This is what is called “due diligence” or in layman terms

“The efforts necessary to bring an intent to an appropriate act to fruition; actions that demonstrate good faith intention within some reasonable time”.

Don’t get all caught up by your inability to pay the bill to block your vision and distract you from communicating your intention to the person who matters the most, the collector! It is honorable and besides people do understand that sometimes the external factors could completely side step our internal resilience! So next time you do see a bill, don’t get all rock faced and constipated……..just breakdance and yes please do whistle!

Enjoy your Friday!


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