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Meaningless work is worse than death…….

Posted on: July 19, 2010

Stats have shown that approximately 60% of Americans don’t like what they do! People work “hard” when they have no purpose! There was a time when working hard was accepted by society as a away of life! Today working hard may still be accepted but there is a consciousness that is spreading around the nation and the world! People are changing their lifestyles! As a result of this recession, people are realizing that what was important before isn’t anymore! People are opting out of high stress high paying jobs for less income and fun work! People are finding a way using the internet to bootstrap and create successful businesses doing what they love to do! Working hard is an essence of lack of direction or purpose! Purpose puts meaning and direction in focus and forces one to only concentrate on what is important ! It eliminates waste and forces you to become lean,frugal and precise! Yet all this done with happiness! So how do you know wether you are working hard or working purposeful?

  1. You love what you do
  2. Time is not important when you are doing what you love
  3. You get a warm fuzzy feeling about what you do when you think of what you do
  4. You are self motivated. You get up early to do what you love!
  5. People see the value in what you do! You spread enthusiasm
  6. You go over and beyond the call of duty!
  7. You are always more than willing to share information at the drop of a hat!
  8. You have devoured more than 10 books on what you love to do
  9. People don’t really understand what you do…….undefined to the outer world!
  10. You spread your inner spiritual and emotional belief system through what you do!

Need Purpose! Start with God! Find it in you and everything else falls in to place!

One’s internal belief system reflects on the outer emotional health!

Enjoy your Monday!


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