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Get Productive….NOW

Posted on: July 14, 2010

A plan is just a written statement of what you intend on accomplishing! It is true that people that write down their plans have a 10% higher chance of completing their goals versus people that don’t write down their plans.

The logical plan is divided in to three:-

  1. Long term goals up to a month or two in advance
  2. Shorter term goals for up to a week
  3. Short term goals for the day

The big secret to planning is not to write everything down that you want to accomplish…..That will overwhelm you and i guarantee you will not finish any or all of your goals!

This is what you do:-

  1. Write down the MOST  important short term goal that WHEN you accomplish it you will feel good and productive.
  2. After you finish your first goal your brain produces Serotonin and Dopamine to reward you for accomplishing your most  crucial goal which in turn inspires you to do more! When a wife congratulates her husband for the small miniuture accomplishments he attempts , it inspires him to want to do more! Same principle.
  3. One year goals are too far fetched! You don’t even know what you’re going to do tomorrow! Focus on what you can accomplish Today and go and get it done.
  4. The secret is breaking down goals in to small doable tasks! Micro-tasking!
  5. 80% of what you want to do is probably unnecessary! Only 20% of your goals are crucial and if you really accomplish them you will be successful in accordance to your goal accomplishment goal!

Have a Productive Day….


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