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Posted on: June 30, 2010

How do marketers know what works versus what doesn’t? They test! How do stores know where products need to be placed to attract a target market? Testing! How do you know if you have understood material that you have acquired? Testing! How do you know if a relationship will work? Testing!
Testing is the key to acquiring information to affirmatively know what works and what doesn’t! Gist of the matter is that we many many times forego this crucial step due to predetermined predefined notions, beliefs,ego’s and hopes! Truthfully there is usually a negative correlation between what works and what we expect to work! (Check the post on counter intuition) The only way to really know is by testing! Most businesses will put together a product and go out there and try to market it based on their internal personal beliefs! This is what Jeff Walker, the product launch formula guru calls “Hope Marketing”! Put a product up and hope it sells! Hope marketing rarely rarely makes a home run! Most times they fail and despite the modest intentions of the seller or creator of the product, the results are ego crushing! So is the problem in testing or the design of the test or what is being tested?

All these are valid questions that need to be addressed! Here is a brief guideline on what,how and when to test! Before you do anything:-

  1. Start by writing down a hypothesis! This could be based on a previous known fact or an observation you have made. Remember to always start by testing that thing that would have the highest impact! Lets say it’s a business….the response to what you would be offering would be the most important aspect to test! Notice here i said the response not the product!
  2. Design how you will test the above hypothesis depending on the hypothesis! If it’s a product, test the combination of words that would most effectively represent your to be product and create an immense effect to your market! Don’t create the product yet! With about $30- $40 write a combination of ads and test them on facebook or google! Run a survey or you could just write blog posts like this one and monitor what the response is! Take notes on a journal! Record the responses!
  3. Analyze your results from 2! Key question do they add to the response or do they deduct from the response! As in do they positively or negatively affect the expected response! Remember a hit is just as important as a miss! Both have vital information!
  4. From the information extracted from 3 a decision should be plausible! Do you continue with implementation or do you abandon the campaign and design another test? This is the part where emotions have to be set aside! Bias has to be set aside and most important willingness to see the facts based on data!
  5. Finally make decisions based on your winners and abandon your losers! Cut your losses and let your winners ride!

Have a winning day!

Lee Kariuki


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