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Accomplish More By Doing Less? What Voodoo rituals are you orchestrating?

Posted on: June 29, 2010

In reality it is not really voodoo! It is the art of focusing! That five letter word focus! Here are some scenarios

  1. Cutting meat with an extremely sharp knife
  2. Carrying a huge sofa on a dolly
  3. Using the elevator rather than the stairs
  4. Riding a bike versus walking or running

By now you get the picture! The above activities don’t necessary make the work less! They do however simplify the work such that it really does feel like you’re doing less! If i was to ask you…….”Who are you?” How would you respond? Please don’t tell me you are a scientist or a doctor or a comedian because that is what you trained to become! Trained meaning you went through education and conditioning and nurturing to become what you do! The irony is …..though, that’s not who you are! You are a multidimensional, multitasking,multi-thinking highly emotional human being and at anytime, an average of all those and a specificity to none of those  is who you think you are! So what does this have to do with accomplishing more by doing less! Doing less and accomplishing more is done by managing mental energy levels and not psychological or clock time! It is tapping in to your inner “excessive/decisive force” to accomplish more by doing less and this energy is very much determined by who you think you are at the point and moment of doing the task! Becoming the task is more effective than multi tasking!

The real secret to accomplishing more is to raise consciousness of who you think you are and concentrate on what your inner deep voice is commanding you! It is this heightened consciousness that does and accomplishes the unthinkable with half the effort! It’s the ability to turn of those million voices that try to put you on panic mode when you’re outside environment is panicking! It is the power to tap in to the shortest safest most effective method of accomplishing anything by tapping in to what people call your “Genius” Fact of the matter is that you may even end up doing more or less the same amount of work, but the quality,results and outcomes will be essentially different! Our biggest problem is that we have been trained to equate multi_____________ to efficiency and productivity yet the very accomplished people and businesses know the importance of focus! Try this, would you dine in a restaurant where the chef was also repairing cars in the same kitchen while taking customer service calls and commentating on a  live soccer match! First of all, this is extremely ludacris as just the thought of it is making me laugh and to imagine this is what we try to do everyday… amazing to me! Imagine if Barns and Noble announced they were venturing in to the automobile industry…..or an antigen lacked non specificity to an antibody…or favorite restaurant has a laundry mart in the back and a convenient store up front or a we do it all business………that would be total chaos! First off you would not attach to much value to a “jack of all trades”! Second you wouldn’t think the business can accomplish all those tasks without specialization….and thats one of the reasons when you go to an exquisite seafood restaurant you pay more because the Chef has specifically “zeroed” down his art and science to preparing seafood dishes!

Raise consciousness and then focus!

Lee Kariuki


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