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Why we are all marketers……..

Posted on: June 24, 2010

Marketing according to most definitions is the  “process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service …” Yet this definition is absolutely deceiving!

Marketing is the process of communicating value! Value to the beneficiary! When you market your value you get hired! When you market your value you sell products! There is a fundamental difference between promoting and marketing! Marketing is who you are, it’s what you do…it’s where you go in short ,you are the marketing not sometimes but all the time! This is a major new way of looking at marketing! Businesses think that marketing should entirely be driven by the marketing department! Yet cutting edge companies like Apple know that marketing may start with the marketing department but continues with the employees, the employees family, the users etc..If marketing is who you are, then promoting is who you are NOT! Promoting is doing a short term activity (usually something you’re not used to doing) to try and cause an intended action either sales or opt-ins or whatever the case may be! Now here is the punch line……would you conform to someone when you know that they are doing something intentionally to create a response? Psychology dictates that we may accept them but we will be weary, cautious so to speak! Thats the main reason people market themselves on dates rather than promote themselves! Marketing gets you a second and third and even a full blown relationship eventually but promoting forces the other party to become uncomfortable! People can subliminally pick up on body behavior faster than they listen to what you are saying! In promotions, what you do(visual) what you say(verbal) and what they hear (vocal) is completely distorted!It is up to you to align the three of them by comprehending what marketing really is! Besides in the long run, if the marketer is the one that sells the product, why does he need you the product creator? He can cut you out of the loop by creating his own product! He is the one that is in contact with the market and knows what they desire! So whatever industry you’re in think of yourself as a marketer…….always!


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