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7 Strategies To Build Your Business Right Right Now

Posted on: June 15, 2010

Unemployment on the rise, check, heavily unpredictable stock market, check, companies laying off, check, graduated yet still don’t have a job, check, cash flow is limited, check. Are these some of the predicaments that you are experiencing right now? Are you feeling overwhelmed and not getting much done? The problem is not that we are in a catastrophe but rather, we don’t know what to do faced with a predicament of this magnitude. Our minds have been conditioned to have a checklist for every problem that we experience yet for this despite the fact that we sensed it’s approach, we never did anything about it! Well here is an attempt to set the records straight and implement action rather than endless planning!

Tip 1
Start Right Now…. It is amazing how many procrastinators we have that exist within us and it only gets worse when we are surrounded by folks who complain and whine about the recession rather than attempting to find a solution! That bright idea you had only gets delayed and delayed and then some activator takes charge and you complain about how you had the exact same idea! Ideas don’t count action on ideas does! Start now! That idea you had been dreaming about while you were employed, well now you have a chance to work on it ! Now that you are unemployed!NO EXCUSES!

Tip 2

Boot Strapping forces us to focus on necessity! I can’t do it because i don’t have a lot of money is one of the lamest excuses! I remember trying to go to school and there were times when i didn’t know where my fees was going to come from three days prior to the commencement of classes! Yet somehow, i always had a way of working things out and things eventually did work out! Accessibility to money removes the passion and gut drive for creativity and accomplishment! This is in no way to say that one should not be paid for his creative talents, but to emphasize that the reward should be awarded upon delivery of value! Heard of Ponzi schemes? The fact that someone is paying them a lot of money prior to their delivery puts pressure on the investor which in turn corrupts his ability to function intuitively by applying logic rather than need, greed and emotion. Start with a small budget and avoid taking loans! They will interfere with your vision especially when investors always want their ROI like yesterday!

Tip 3

Don’t Plan to Fail! Ever heard “fail as many times as possible?” Now what kind of business advice is this? Fail? Failing has consequences especially when there was something that could be done knowingly ahead of time! The only time “failing” is excusable is if there was a lesson learned! Avoid failing as much as possible! Don’t even think of failure! Don’t condone it and don’t write about it!(Trust me i am really trying as a type this!) Embrace success! Plan for success and shoot to learn what works! After you figure what works, scale it up and that shall/will be your recipe for success!

Tip 4

Test Test Test! Be Ignorant! Now it is always important to see what has been done prior to embarking on your project just like a graduate student reads hundreds of research papers prior to starting his thesis project BUT one must always remove all bias from results! Yes there is the phenomenon that every tester has a hypothesis and expectation but from the numerous of tests that i have attempted i have always been surprised by the results! Tests are the mechanism of accomplishing or even realizing what works or accomplishing tip #3 above! Test it and gather information! Collect data and analyze your data! Learn from your test and make the necessary steps to incorporate your results in to your process!

Tip 5

Revise Your Goal/Purpose I am amazed at how many companies that have a mission statement that is so last century even when their market has grown, their products are different and management’s vision is different! By the way having a mission statement doesn’t mean you are strategic or organized! It just means you can put goals on paper and whether you follow the goals is questionable and that can be measured by a consumer satisfaction index!(complicated metric to measure how your customer feels upon consumption of your product/service!)As you conduct business your needs and desires may change and you either may want to keep them the same or revise them! Do this until you get to your optimal operational standard which is measured by your average customer!

Tip 6

Don’t try to please everyone! When starting out you could be pressed for income and there may be a tendency to bend over backwards to cater to every customers expectation and demand! This is where the Pareto Principle comes in! 20% of your clientele bring in 80% of your income! The other 80% bring in 20% of the income and they are mostly the ones that give you 90% of the headaches! I am in now way advocating that you should now start eliminating your 80% no way BUT you do have to ask  yourself this question? “Am I treating all my customers fairly and justly like the way i would want to be treated?” If your answer is no then you know there is a problem because what will happen is that you will be treating your complainers with prejudice and forget all about your “creme le creme” customers who are really bringing  in your bread and butter!

Tip 7

Build a system! Talent is not enough! A product is not enough! Purpose is not enough! Drive is not enough BUT when all these different components work in liaison, we have a system! Business paradigms have changed with the change in people’s beliefs, people’s consciousness and people’s habits! Gone were the days of building businesses entirely driven by profit! Today one must inter twine multi-disciplines in their business model! The best way of doing this is by creating a system! Systems work hard for you so that you don’t! Systems point out where a problem lays! Systems predict the future! Systems make you wealthy and also help you to create value to your customers by letting you concentrate on what you’re good at!


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Great, I never knew this, thanks.

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