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The Absolute Most Important Ingredient For Recession Decompression.

Posted on: April 6, 2010

We are in a recession. Some may call it that, others may call it
depression. Fact is, we are in something. We are in something deep.
Something that has taken a long time in the making. Something that
sometimes we wish we never got in to. YET it is something that we
absolutely have to experience in order to come out victorious. A parent
will sometimes let a child experience “the bad” so that as the child’s
senses develop, the child may be able to distinguish the difference
between right and wrong. We have been in the habit of extravagance in
each and everything we do. Extravagant spending of resources we didn’t
have, extravagant lifestyles which we couldn’t maintain, extravagant
homes that we couldn’t afford and most detrimental of them all, we tried
to get “something for nothing” without putting neither the time nor the
effort to achieve what we desired to materialize. We were heavily
dependent on credit.
Truth be told, we really don’t believe in ourselves any more. We have
traded our core beliefs for material gain. We have equated our self worth
with our belongings. We have become an egocentric bunch driven by
greed for matter, greed for more materialistic artifacts and greed for stuff
that we really don’t need. The result of this “façade” is that as matter
devalues or disappears, so does our relative identity.
There is only one true identity that all others emanate from. One
absolute truth that is terminal like cancer. That truth never goes through
a recession or even a depression. That truth never fades with time. That
truth is what businesses should build their practices on. It is the truth
that all employers and employees should abide by. It is the truth that
customers identify with and that truth is nothing, but LOVE. Love for
what we do, love for what we stand for, love in how we treat our
customers. Love for all forms of existence and lastly, love for thyself.
With enlightened consciousness to this truth, a lot more worldly earthly
predicaments would be kept at a minimal. This is not to say that we
wouldn’t encounter obstacles, but we as a people, through our
consciousness would deal with obstacles in a manner that would benefit
everyone involved. We would be conscious about our neighbors and we
would enhance mutual benefit, win wins so to speak for we would know
without a doubt that the need for identification would be a reflection of
our EGO’s. It is the new truth and the new wave of conducting business
It is also the new blue print to becoming successful through reflection of
what we believe in and what we would die for literally! It is the “Tao” of
creating rather than conforming and a force that we will at one point be
forced to reckon with or in the least be conscious to.
Therefore, your contribution as an employee, employer, business owner,
unemployed or investor is to spread love through consciousness in
everything you do. Purpose meets definition in this day and age and
what you do, in conjunction with who you are, and what you believe in
should be strived to match in near perfect alignment. Create a purpose,
an internal authentic purpose that is transparent to all who interact with
you. It is the true definition of “PELLUCIDITY”. The resultant force shall
display not only success in intrinsic value but even in the so soughted
materialistic gain that we so egocentrically desired in the first place. It
shall become your personal destiny.


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