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Branding:Lesson 8 of 9:Why Generosity?

Posted on: February 23, 2010

Lately companies have been forced to adapt to the shift in business paradaigms that are forcing them to have an online presence to reach their prospects more effectively. It is quite clear that having an online presence does not equate to being noticed on online and some companies employ strategists for hundreds if not millions of dollars to bridge the gap between online presence and online attention.

Branding is one way of doing this but honestly speaking you company will not be the only company that is being branded and some may even be doing the very thing that your doing. In one of the earlier videos I emphasized the need to create differences in everything that you do to attract attention. Now just doing different also doesn’t get you the attention, it has to be different in a unique way. In a way that is beneficial to your cause and purpose.

One major tactic companies have been using lately labeled “ the obvious not obvious tactic” is to start giving away your most valued material. FOR FREE! I know and even when I first read this from a book called “Free” that was actually being sold, I too had a hard time believing this oblivious, preposterous suggestion. Then I devoured the book and slowly but surely sense started diffusing in to my brain and I was eventually hooked now I am an ambassador of generosity.

The major misconceptions of Generosity:-

  1. You do not monetize by giving away things for free
  2. People don’t appreciate what you’re giving
  3. You are viewed as an idiot

Now for number three you are going to be viewed as an idiot whether you give away stuff or not so don’t blame generosity for it. People today are more compelled to “Free” more than anything else. The only way people are going to devalue what your giving away is if what you’re giving away is valueless from the get go. People are not that stupid and they can tell what is top notch material and what is BS! Finally giving away does not mean that you’re not going to monetize, it simply means that you’re going to monetize in other ways either by advertising, or complimentary products. Google used this method, craigslist did so too and eventually you will be forced to do so too thanks to the internet! The internet has forced products to be created cheaper and information to be free fight it and you are or will be in denial! That denial will eventually force you to adapt to a new reality! The reality that every information that is being capitalized now will eventually become free..

Watch out for the video later on today

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