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Question:Please please it means a lot to me if you answer this question

Posted on: February 16, 2010

Do you find resumes to be a little restrictive to describe one’s career path especially if it needs to be on one page?


2 Responses to "Question:Please please it means a lot to me if you answer this question"

It’s definitely restrictive. That’s the whole intent… who wants to go through page after page to find out what you really want to know… is this person right for my position. It’s a creative art to tell your story in 1 page… if you put together an impactful tweet, you can easily hit the highlights of your life in one page.

I see your argument and definately concur that it could be overwhelming to read a booklet of infinite experiences about a candidate but thats from the stand point of the individual doing the hiring though. What about the aspirant seeking the position? Some companies don’t even look at the resumes personally and have a scanning machine that just looks for key words on the resume and eliminates the rest! Now if that’s the hiring process that is in motion, wouldn’t that almost entirely cripple a potential candidate? My argument is that besides having a “keyword specific” resume (of course to bypass that resume scanner and please HR), with the knowledge that almost 80% of employers will google their candidates (“”) wouldn’t it be sensible to have a blog talking/executing or even showing what you claim to be passionate about? The number of applicants for a single job is almost twice if not thrice as competitive and today even being the best is not a guarantee that you will be hired, so what is a person to do? Any suggestions will be most welcomed remember the intention is to brain storm and seek a viable solution to this overwhelming crisis of job seeking,job prospect presentation and differentiation.
Lee Kariuki

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